Three More Weeks

When we wake up tomorrow we will only have three more weeks in the Philippines. That is crazy to think about! I remember prepping to move here like it was yesterday. It was so stressful and moving back isn’t much easier. As someone posted on my Facebook page, international moves aren’t for the faint of heart. That’s the God’s honest truth! When I moved here I ran out of time and ended up pulling two consecutive all nighters to try to get everything crossed off my to do list and I was still left with several loose ends when I left. I can’t let that happen this time.

So what’s left? Well here’s a list of twenty-five just off the top of my head:

1. pack up my classroom
2. hang out with friends three more times (Saturday night is a really nice end of year work function, Thursday I am having dinner with two good friends and I hope to meet everyone who doesn’t fall in one of those two groups at a bar or a club)
3. buy gifts for friends and family
4. shut off my utilities (this is a whole big hassle here including getting a letter signed and who knows what other kind of nonsense)
5. hair appointment (must use up prepaid coupon)
6. spa appointments (must use up gift cards)
7. create document of last items to sell
8. distribute items to those who already made purchases
9. bake and cook like a mad woman to use up all food (or find recipes so yaya can do this)
10. check off all items to be done in order to exit from my job (about 10 things on this list!)
11. order a car seat so we can have it when we touch down in the States
12. pick a summer camp and which weeks and register Coco
13. finish my taxes
14. close my local bank account
15. finalize and pay for last Asian adventure
16. wrap Coco’s birthday gifts, hang the banner and flags and blow up the 30? balloons for her to wake up to
17. buy cupcakes for her birthday and plan to go to her classroom to help her celebrate
18. organize some playdates with her new best friend over the next two weeks
19. apply for financial aid for Coco’s school
20. fill out random forms for my new  job
21. deal with the management company and getting me tenants out
22. find renters for next year so I too can be a renter
23. submit receipts to my job for reimbursement
24. follow up on health insurance reimbursements
25. go to four final doctor’s appointments

Massive, right? I know. When will life ever be easy?!?!! My life is always full of to do lists. There must be another way but no one ever said women could have it all. I can’t be the breadwinner and be successful at it and be a good homemaker and follow my dreams. There are just not enough hours in the day so something’s got to give. But what?

What do you let slide or what did you let go of in order to have a better handle on your life?

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