She is Tall

She is tall. Really tall. I hear this every day. She looks like a first grader, not a soon-to-be kindergartener. When I looked at these pictures though I gasped. She looks positively huge! And look at her feet! She is already out of toddler shoe sizes. She now wears a children’s size 1. Her birthday is next week. She will be five! Where did the time go? Sniff. IMG_8312 IMG_8318 IMG_8319 IMG_8321 * Look at the background of that first photo. See the yaya spoon-feeding the child on the slide? That girl was at least three years old. That is so typical here. You see yayas chasing kids around the playground all the time feeding them bites of yogurt and whatnot after each slide or wiping their sweaty brows with a towel.

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