It’s a Wrap

This weekend I went back to my favorite place. Okay, not really but I do love my new dentist! He is so calming and so good at what he does. Do you love or hate endodontists?

We are still working on that tooth that got the root canal. I went in yesterday to get fitted for a permanent crown and he redid the old filling. Can I just tell you how strange it is to have a tooth drilled with no Novocaine (because it doesn’t have any nerves)? For me it’s clearly the sound of the drill and the concern that there might be pain because I was still as anxious as I always am yet it didn’t hurt one bit! We have one more appointment to go–getting the permanent crown fitted– and then all my dental work is all done! Yay!!


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One Response to It’s a Wrap

  1. Deidra says:

    I love my periodontist!!! He’s ultra cool. Very calming. He always tells you exactly what he’s doing and what to expect. Even his name is cool… Dr. Brain!

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