Artist at Work

IMG_8344 IMG_8348 IMG_8342She still draws almost every day and she’s getting really good at taking pictures, too! Can you see the title of the book? Yup, Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood. I have a whole library of parenting books but this is the one I swear by. When I’m consistent (which I am not, plus we have a yaya) the strategies really work! Highly recommend!IMG_8356This one of my recent favorites! She has so much artwork around the house that I have decided to make a book of them. I have a portfolio of the ones I will eventually frame and hang in the house and the others I will photograph and make into a large coffee table book. Seriously, how fun would that be? I wish that were available when I was a child. I would love to be able to look back at my art and see what I used to draw. Coco mostly draws animals and other things in nature. She’s not interested in princesses, hearts and rainbows–not that she should be but most girls her age tend to draw those types of ‘girly’ things. I love that she’s not swayed by her classmates and makes her own choices!IMG_8405

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One Response to Artist at Work

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    I just read this! I love herbirthdaydinner comments !. And hurray for so many balloons! Balloons! hurray for birthdays! Want to hug Coco and give her birthday kisses. Time has sure leaped along! I’m so glad you’ll be so much nearer! Love love love to my dearest sweeties in Manila! But almost back!!!!!! Dad and I are sooooo happY …yip yip yippeeeee!

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