Coco’s Turning 5!!!

My sweet girl. Where did the time go? I really can’t believe she is about to turn five years old. I say this all the time but I hadn’t really factored in her growing up so quickly before my eyes! Tomorrow she is turning five and entering Kindergarten in the fall. Wow.

A couple of days ago I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner. The conversation went something like this:

Pumpkin, what do you want for dinner on your birthday?
Well, I mean what do you want to eat for dinner, not dessert.
OK, great! Chocolate cupcakes for dessert. We can do that. Now what do you want to eat for dinner?
Chocolate and pancakes and waffles.
Well, I can’t make pancakes because we don’t have any more flour (we are moving next week) and we can’t go out to breakfast on your birthday because I have to work but we can definitely go out to breakfast on the weekend so you can get pancakes or waffles.
So, what do you want for dinner then– before the cupcakes?
Salad and cucumbers. (Huh? That’s odd.)
That’s all? Just salad and cucumbers?
Salad and cucumbers and chocolate cake.
Oh, yes, chocolate cake but do you want anything else with dinner?
Salad and cucumbers.
Do you want pizza?
No, just salad and cucumbers.

Alrighty then.

She totally said that. I kid you not. And the strangest part? She doesn’t even really like salad!!! I asked her again the following day and again she said she just wanted salad and cucumbers. I’m thinking she’s thinking it’s a small meal that she can scarf down quickly to get to the cake. Not sure.

I just snuck in her room and decorated it for her birthday. I want to surprise her when she wakes up. I am feeling a bit guilty that I don’t have the time to throw her a big party but it’s been just too hectic with the move. I think she’ll get a kick out of all the balloons. I tried to find helium but no luck. She’ll find these fun nonetheless. Love my sweet big girl!IMG_9283 - Version 2

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2 Responses to Coco’s Turning 5!!!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Very fun — who wouldn’t love that?!

  2. robin tyson(dootaboot) says:

    Tell the baby oh sorry big girl have a very blessed and happy birthday. Have a safe trip home. Maybe We could meet one day. I don’t know if you remember I am from PGH. I attend church in Maryland(by computer), but will be going to a service in person soon. I was a member in my local area. I work seven days a wek so I did not make it out much. So online it is. I mentioned to you about them a little while back when you was looking for a church. The site again is At least you could get the Word in and good traching on Sundays and Tuesdays. I will be visiting PGH the second week in Aug. I have not been for almost a year and I only live 9 hours away. I think you been back more time while you were living thousands of miles away. Life does get in the way and we must do what we must to make it through each day. Watch letting N swim without a cap. The cholrine can eat out and dry out her hair. You don’t need that and you don’t want to wash her hair every day. Take car and be blessed. Robin

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