Coco’s 5th Birthday

This happened at a very busy time! Her birthday fell during the last week of school when it was also my last week of work and I had many parties to attend and the movers were coming. Talk about hectic!!! There was no way I could plan a birthday party so I had her celebrate at school and I will have to make it up to her in some way at some point!

Anyway, I tried to make it somewhat memorable. She woke up to her room decorated and I had her open some presents before I left for work. She pretty much dumped the clothes on the floor and didn’t even give them a second glance. I remember not liking getting clothes for gifts. Though I like the idea of giving clothes (something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read) I don’t think it should be the first thing you open. Lesson learned! We had croissants with apricot jam for breakfast.IMG_9287 Because we are moving I knew I couldn’t get her anything too large or it would have to go in the shipment that was leaving two days later. I knew she wanted a hippo and I bought a really cute one but her yaya bought her a stuffed animal as well and I didn’t want to upstage it so I put it in with the shipment to be opened when it arrives in July. The one thing I thought she would be over the moon excited about since she’s been asking for these forever she didn’t show any excitement about at all! Pierced ears! Oh well, maybe it was too abstract to have a picture of it. She liked the book a lot and immediately asked me to read her some of the fairy tales. She liked the stickers a lot, too.

IMG_9338 IMG_9337IMG_9339IMG_9348 Later that night we had dinner and cake. I ordered a pizza and ravioli to go along with the salad and cucumbers but all she ate was cucumbers! IMG_9324She had requested chocolate cake with butterflies. I bought two mini cakes (one for today and one for tomorrow) instead of a huge cake since there was no way we could eat it all. Good thing cause all she took was one bite of cake! The cakes were store-bought and I make a butterfly on top out of marshmallows and food grade markers. She ate the butterflies off the top and only ate one bite because I told her the birthday girl should take the first bite. It was a really strange birthday! We will have to do another one back home!IMG_9378IMG_9379IMG_9343

Happy 5th birthday big girl! Mommy loves you SO MUCH!!

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One Response to Coco’s 5th Birthday

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    I loved the birthday commentary!

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