All Packed Out

I was given a really great tip by my good friend, J: When you move overseas and are packed out early, be sure to pack your suitcases of all the things you plan to keep with you til your final flight to be sure everything fits. Such a smart tip! I did that which is what you see in the first photo.IMG_9384The movers were right on time (two minutes early in fact!) and I was nearly ready. I didn’t get much sleep the night before but I was much more organized and prepared then when I moved here. I pulled a double all-nighter back in 2011! This time I only missed a few hours of sleep. Yes, the space is much smaller and I didn’t have to run around to get social security numbers and passports and do a readoption paperwork so that certainly helped but I am also much more aware now of what needs to be done to move overseas.IMG_9386 IMG_9388Two more weeks in Manila!! I can’t believe it! I am ready to go home.

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One Response to All Packed Out

  1. Jacqui says:

    Don’t forget to teach out to Soror Jacqui when u get settled. I’ll reach out to our mutual friend to make sure we get together this summer. Glad but coming home.

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