Birthday Brunch

I took Coco out for brunch for her birthday on Sunday when I had time since she wanted waffles. We went back to one of our favorite restaurants. I like it because the portion sizes aren’t miniscule and the food is good but she likes it cause it’s near a fish pond!IMG_9390 I ordered crabcakes with shoestring potatoes and salad with a mustard dill sauce. It sounded really good but I should never have expected it to taste like the crabcakes you get in Maryland. I was not impressed. We will go get some decent crabcakes in Annapolis this summer!! Speaking of crabcakes, have you ever read the book Aunt Flossie’s Hats and Crabcakes Later? It’s a story about two little girls who get crabcakes with their great aunt Flossie. I highly recommend it!


IMG_9394 One cool thing the restaurant had was a buzzer on the table you press when you are ready for your check. Cool gadget. Oh, but the Heinz ketchup sitting there? Yeah, definitely not Heinz. You can’t fool a girl from Pittsburgh! I know myself some Heinz ketchup!! IMG_9398 After my disappointing meal I wanted something sweet so we stopped by Starbucks. I saw this advertised. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that’s a local offering! A red bean green tea Frappuccino? I got the other one. So fattening but it was her birthday! 🙂

IMG_9399 IMG_9401(Doggie has a boo-boo. See his band-aid? :))

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