She May In Fact Be Older

I took Coco to the dentist with me when I went back to get my permanent crown to have another professional examine her teeth to give me a better indication of her age. He corroborated what the first dentist said: that Coco is probably 6 months (and possibly a year) older than what I was told. Her top teeth are loose and will come out in the next few months which is early for someone who just turned five, but also the fact that her six year old molars are close to erupting as well. He said to expect them to come in in about six months when she will only be 5.5. Of course when I looked online I learned that not all teeth come in at exactly six and that they can come out earlier so who knows?! She is very tall but she is immature and both her receptive and expressive language seem delayed to me so frankly I am glad she is going into kindergarten and not grade one. I was the tallest in my class all throughout school, also with a June birthday, so she’ll be fine!


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2 Responses to She May In Fact Be Older

  1. robin tyson(dootaboot) says:

    My oldest daughter did not get her first tooth until she was 15 months. They started to come out around age 5. so in late out early. They continued that way even when she got her wisdom teeth she was younger than most. So our dentist said that is just how some children are. I knew her real age because I gave birth to her. But if she is a few months or even a year older that means other things, you know what, will or may start early. Some girls my start budding around 7 or 8. I think it was you that said she needed some D-O for her B-O. those are early signs. Have a great one and a blessed day.

    • Joy says:

      No, no BO yet! She’s only 5… I do think she’s older but it’s not a huge deal for anyone except for her as I ‘m sure she’ll want to know her birth story.

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