Wet Play Day

The last week of school there are lots of fun activities. One of them is wet play day with all kinds of fun water activities like a slip and slide and a dunk tank. To be honest it kind of struck me as wasteful with people living two miles away with no running water in their homes but it’s one of the traditions here. Coco enjoyed it. The top two pictures are her with her PE Coach. I am so annoyed I didn’t immediately write down the words her coach shared about her but they were something like this:

Coco is the type of child we hope all children to be. She is curious and adventurous and analytical and loving and independent. She is going to go really far in life with her personality and temperament and I must keep up with her to see what she is doing. She is just fantastic and I really love her. We all do. (Yes, I about cried!) As a side note, nothing to do with Water Day, but her art teacher came to me and told me that she is by far her most favorite student ever. She said she is so creative and expressive and she has enjoyed teaching her so much. I have to say that the teachers at Coco’s school not only really, really care about children but they are accepting of who they are as individuals. They know Coco can be stubborn but they see through that to the child I know and love and for that I am grateful. I pray that her teachers back in the US will feel and do the same.

IMG_9075IMG_9073  IMG_9078  IMG_9084

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