Last Day of School

So many people came to tell me how much they are going to miss Coco. She hasn’t expressed any sadness about leaving school, her teachers or her friends yet but I know she is going to miss them all a lot! On the last day they have this tradition at dismissal, before the buses leave, where they all honk their horns simultaneously and people clap and blow whistles as a send off. It’s unique and loud and memorable. I had the yaya pick Coco up on the last day so she could experience it (and I could photograph her experiencing it). IMG_9259

I can’t believe her two years here are done. I vividly remember feeling so guilty and worried putting my just-turned-three year old baby on the bus for school and now she’s a big confident five-year old. International School Manila has helped shape her in who she is today. It really is a very special place and I am so happy she got to experience it. The best part, hands down, was the teachers. Coco was really taken care of by her teachers, especially Mr. P. every day. I was thrilled to have a male influence in her life on a daily basis and it was icing on the cake that he really truly cared for her. We got lucky and we will miss him. I caught this moment when she ran to give him one last hug good-bye. Sniff.IMG_9262

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