First Stop Los Angeles

IMG_0336Or should I say last stop since it was the last place we visited before arriving home? Sadly, I don’t have many pictures because we were extremely jet lagged and when we did have some energy the car my sister rented me didn’t have a GPS so I had no idea how to get anywhere!  That photo to the left was taken while we were in the car one day shortly after arriving. One minute she was drawing me a picture and the next minute she was out! We were sooo tired! In fact, the only proof that I have that we were even in LA is this blurry picture of Randy’s Donuts. LOL. We didn’t go there but we did eat well because my sister is a self-proclaimed foodie and she loves to prepare exotic meals and decadent desserts.IMG_0343Coco was happy to get to LA see my sister’s dog, Luna. In fact, that’s the only member of the household whose name she could remember! 🙂 Like last year they were inseparable.
IMG_0348 IMG_0341 IMG_0357

My sister had a birthday dinner for us. She and her husband had just returned from Belize and she was eager to try out some new recipes from her Belizean cookbook.  She made some delicious guacamole to start and then we feasted on chicken with coconut rice, plantain and salad. Yum!! I brought an ice cream cake for our birthday cake dessert. Coco had never had one and I thought she would like it. (And I wanted one too. I missed Baskin- Robbins! LOL) I also bought some candles that don’t blow out and Coco thought they were pretty amusing. Here are some pictures from our time together.
IMG_0353  IMG_0356 IMG_0345 IMG_0362  IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0363 And we aren’t done partying. Going to celebrate on the East coast with friends and family!

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