Setting Up House

Can I just tell you something? Setting up a new residence is not only time-consuming but it’s expensive! Man oh man is it time-consuming and expensive. In three weeks I have spent … I can’t even write the number it’s so high. But to give you an idea I put down a down payment down on my new (used) car and bought an iron, ironing board, blender, manual juicer, toiletries, cleaning products, etc! The list goes on..

I don’t even have time to be writing this blog post but I will do a big, juicy one soon. Oh yeah, no Internet at home yet.. that’s another hold up (and another expense). As much as I love being home I’d be disingenuous if I didn’t admit how much I miss the perks of expat life!

Chat soon!

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4 Responses to Setting Up House

  1. Roxana says:

    Where are you? Do you have a phone number?

  2. Jacqui says:

    Welcome home Soror. This is Jacqui. Please email me in the next couple of days when you get a second. No excuses for us to get together with the girls. I know Coco loves the pool and we have one in our community. Lets organize a PLAY DATE!! I am so glad you are back!!

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