Water Balloons and Frogs

100_5063IMG_0380When Coco and I finally arrived home we stayed at my friend’s house for the first two weeks. Her house as this huge, amazing, perfect-for-summer fun backyard crying out for kids to run around and play in. In fact all the houses on that street have amazing yards, yet no one was in them! If we lived there she would be in that yard for hours everyday, but alas we don’t.  Granted, it was about 100 degrees but that’s beside the point. Kids don’t care about that! 🙂

One day we did get out there with her boys and showed them how to fill up water balloons for a water balloon fight. They boys who are a bit older than she had fun but Coco immediately got distracted by all the insects and animals and amphibians in the yard. My friend’s house is in the suburbs next to a lake and surrounded by trees and at night you can hear all kinds of animal sounds! You hear croaking and chirping and hissing and all kinds of other things that I am totally unfamiliar with coming from two years in Manila. 🙂

While the boys were chasing each other with water balloons Coco, my in-house naturalist, was far more interested in some sounds she heard so she went to explore. So curious!100_5125100_5073 100_5071Man was she excited! Turns out there were tons of frogs–toads actually– in there and she had a ball holding them, stroking them, observing them and chasing the boys with them!100_5093 100_5096She’s fearless. I, however, wasn’t as thrilled when she put some on my lap! LOL100_5139(though I gotta admit they do look kind of cute snuggled up like that!)

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