On Being a Healthy, Active Family

I really want to be that family that eats super healthy by choice and does athletic things. Growing up we ate healthy foods often but we didn’t go out and do active things together as a family so I don’t really have a model of that but I can create it. The other day I passed a car that had their child’s swim team sticker on the back as well as marathon mileage stickers and racks on top (bike rack? for a kayak? skiis? not sure). That is what I want to be! So how to do this cause right now we are far from it. As I type this Coco is watching TV and I am blogging. Not active. For breakfast she had cereal (store-bought but gluten-free and organic) topped with honey and almond milk (also store-bought) which wasn’t too bad but then she wanted a cheese stick. I gave her a plate of fruit but she only picked at it. She used to love my juices in Manila but now that she has been exposed to processed junk food she is getting pickier and refusing to drink them. Time to get back on track and take it to another level. I want this for us. So where to begin?

Well for starters I bought a new juicer. My juicer is in my shipment (which still hasn’t arrived) but it has the wrong voltage so I had to buy a new one anyway. I have been juicing and eating tons more raw fruits and veggies but not Coco and since she is at camp for the sake of ease I have sent more processed things. Come fall and packing lunches for school that will change. My goal is for each meal to be at least 50% raw.

IMG_0630 IMG_0634 IMG_0646 IMG_0627 IMG_0628

Breakfast will always start with a juice or smoothie and there will be a ton of fruit in her lunch (she rarely ate the veggies at school) and dinner will always have a huge salad.

The active part is more difficult though. How can we do this together? I can register her for ballet or swimming or soccer but that doesn’t make me active or us active together. I’m thinking on Saturdays instead of sitting in front of the TV and computer when we wake up that will we go for a hike or go to a park and then hit the Farmer’s Market. And then she can do her class later in the day. Another thought is we will go for a walk after dinner each night. I like this idea to help with digestion and to get away from electronics.

What foods does your healthy family enjoy?
What activities do you do together with your children?

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3 Responses to On Being a Healthy, Active Family

  1. becky says:

    My boys take TKD with my husband. We bike ride together, go for walks together, and play outside throwing a baseball or running around. I noticed this summer that growing our first garden got the kids more interested in eating veggies. They would eat chives and carrots straight out of the garden.

  2. dana says:

    I did Tang Soo Do with my 5 year old. However, an unrelated injury ended that for me. The older one gets lots of exercise with swimming and soccer. But I get plenty of exercise with the 1 year old. There you go. You need a one year old. Just kidding. But now I’m usually chasing him around the soccer field while big brother has practice or the gym at swimming. We also bike together. Not as often as I would like. I have a baby seat for the 1 year old and the 6 year old rides his bike which is not without training well. Trips to the parks are good too.

    The idea of walking after dinner is probably a good start but it’s hard when we get those short days for the winter months.

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