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On Being a Healthy, Active Family

I really want to be that family that eats super healthy by choice and does athletic things. Growing up we ate healthy foods often but we didn’t go out and do active things together as a family so I don’t … Continue reading

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Birthday Brunch

I took Coco out for brunch for her birthday on Sunday when I had time since she wanted waffles. We went back to one of our favorite restaurants. I like it because the portion sizes aren’t miniscule and the food … Continue reading

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Green Juice and Games

I’m so happy she likes to drink my juices. I throw a ton of vegetables in with a bit of fruit and she drinks it right down. Cheers!

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Mother’s Day

My friend V took us out to brunch on Mother’s Day to a lovely little place called Bizu. I loved how it was decorated in white and pink with fresh flowers everywhere! I had the spinach and goat cheese Quiche … Continue reading

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So Busy!

It has been so long since I posted. As I mentioned, I am very preoccupied with job hunting. I am going to attend the job fair after all and there are several cities with openings, including: Johannesburg, Muscat, Paris, Barcelona, … Continue reading

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Homemade Bread

I found a recipe for 5-minute no knead bread and to say the least I was intrigued. I love homemade bread, especially straight from the oven, piping hot and drenched in butter but without a bread maker I figured it … Continue reading

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I am eating the most delicious meal as I sit here at the table and type up this post. Look: What? It doesn’t look delicious? Okay maybe you’re right about that but it tastes awesome! What is it? Well it … Continue reading

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