Where Should We Move Next?

It has been very interesting living in Manila but we won’t do it long-term. Four years tops. And then where? It’s fun to speculate. Things to consider? Savings potential, weather, dating options, culture, activities for kids, quality of life, bilingualism, safety, non-GMO, green outdoor space, proximity to North America, travel opportunities and diversity!

Here are the countries currently in the running:

South Africa
Mozambique                                                                                                                                EUROPE

… and good ole US of A.


5 Responses to Where Should We Move Next?

  1. skaat says:

    If you are looking to live inexpensively then Italy should be crossed off the list. I lived abroad in the little village of Basiglio in Italy for a year and the prices there are extreme compared to the US. A gallon of milk ( also considering exchange rates) was approx $8-9 US. A gallon of Petrol was approx $5-7. We loved living there and the experience was incredible but it was also incredibly expensive. Housing was also an issue. We rented a condo while there, and for 3 bedrooms it ran approx $3500 US/month and I promise it was nothing to brag about. Good luck to you and little one 🙂 And most of all HAVE FUN!

    • Joy says:

      wow, seriously?! those prices are crazy! sad to hear bc i have a love affair with italy.

      • skaat says:

        Truly it is a magical and wonderful place to live. The experience was unrivalled but was just insanely priced, lol. Since the recent turmoil with Italy’s economy it may be better now.

  2. I would say Singapore. It’s such a buzzing and international country because of it’s mix of traditional ways and modern architecture.

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